Who we are

My passion for the Norwegian Forest Cat dates back to when I was 16 years old: with my mother we saw in a cat book a picture of a Norwegian Forest Cat and both of us werw immediately dazzled.

Back then we had a Persian named Ioio who shortly thereafter died leaving me with a pain so strong I decided then and there that I would no longer own a cat.

Twenty years have passed since then along with many changes in my life which have convinced me to sew up that old open wound and open my heart to this stupendous breed of cats from the Norwegian Forest.

Our cats live with us in the Chiavarese area in a house with a large garden and lots of space for them. They live with a Newfoundland named Ambrosia “Ambra” and a Birman named Ginevra.

Our goal is to select cats with the original distinguishing features of the breed, that's the reason why our cats come from the best Scandinavian and Danish lines.
The females will not have more than one litter per year in order to preserve both their health both the quality of the litters.


In memory of Jorge

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