Only You

Born on: 24/08/2008

Color: brown tabby mackerel

Mother: Cassandra Freya Felis

Father: Baldrian Felis Jubatus

Pedigree: LOI 93298




Casmira's Brenna

Born on: 30/04/2008

Color: brown tabby mackerel

Mother: Casmira's Frizzy Liz

Father: Narviks Edvard

Pedigree: LOI 93743




CH S* Zimexis Texas Ranger

Born on: 25/09/2010

Color: cream spotted and white

Mother: IC S* Zimexis Xaviera O'Hara

Father: CH S* Raserrattan's Dalton

Pedigree: LOI 2011/233




CH IT* Nosgoth Odyssey

Born on: 28/02/2008

Color: crema silver mackerel

Mother: IC. Gomorran's Simsalabim

Father: IC. Gomorran's Ymer

Pedigree: LOI 2011/233




Norwegian's Hill Savana

Born on: 13/08/2011

Color: blu tortie tabby spotted con bianco

Mother: S* Spin Engine's Star Spangled

Father: S* Zimexis Texas Ranger

Pedigree: LOI 2011/233




S* Spine Engine's Star Spangled

Nata il: 04/07/2010

Colore: amber blotched tabby con bianco

Madre: S* Spin Engine's Sigrid Storrada

Padre: Silas aus Boetzingen *DE

Pedigree: LO 2011/10




Killyan's Forest Ifing

Nata il: 18/06/2013

Colore: brown tabby blotched

Madre: Killyan's Forest Freedom

Padre: Gurval des Chênes d'Or

Pedigree: LO 2014/341

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